Poonam Pandey's PR Agency Apologizes for Fake Death Stunt
Poonam Pandey's PR Agency Apologizes for Fake Death Stunt
Poonam Pandey's PR Agency

Controversial Awareness Campaign

Poonam Pandey's PR agency, Schbang, faced backlash for orchestrating a fake death stunt as part of a cervical cancer awareness campaign. The controversial tactic sparked widespread criticism, raising ethical concerns about the use of such methods to promote health campaigns.

Apology Issued

Schbang issued a statement on Instagram, apologizing for their involvement in the initiative and acknowledging the distress caused to individuals affected by cancer. They expressed regret for the insensitivity of their actions and extended apologies to those triggered by the campaign.

Mission of Awareness

The PR agency defended their actions, stating their mission was to elevate awareness about cervical cancer, citing alarming statistics of cases and deaths in India. They emphasized the importance of prevention and awareness, especially considering the availability of vaccines and Poonam Pandey's personal experience with her mother's battle with cancer.

Response to Criticism

Schbang responded to criticism regarding the timing of their campaign, particularly in light of Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman's mention of cervical cancer during the Union Budget Session 2024. They reiterated their commitment to raising awareness about the disease, despite claims of insensitivity or opportunism.

Personal Connection

Highlighting Poonam Pandey's personal connection to the cause, Schbang revealed that her mother had bravely battled cancer. This firsthand experience influenced Pandey's involvement in the campaign and her commitment to spreading awareness about cervical cancer.

Deceptive Stunt Unveiled

The controversy unfolded when Schbang announced Poonam Pandey's fake demise on social media, triggering a wave of online criticism and skepticism. Despite media outlets publishing obituaries and tributes, some observant individuals noted inconsistencies in the timeline, casting doubt on the authenticity of the announcement.

Acknowledging the Hoax

In response to the scrutiny, Poonam Pandey admitted to the hoax in a video posted on Instagram. She defended the extreme measure, emphasizing the attention garnered for cervical cancer awareness as a result of the fake death announcement.

Impact and Reflection

While the fake death stunt elicited mixed reactions, it undeniably sparked conversations about cervical cancer awareness. The incident serves as a reminder of the complexities surrounding the use of sensational tactics in promoting social causes and the importance of ethical considerations in public relations campaigns.


Poonam Pandey's PR agency's apology for the fake death stunt underscores the significance of responsible communication in raising awareness about critical health issues. While the controversy generated discussion, it also prompts reflection on the ethical boundaries of advocacy campaigns and the need for sensitivity in addressing sensitive topics like cancer awareness.





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